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Dear athletes, Team Managers and staff


It is a great pleasure for me to welcome all athletes, team managers, assistents, volunteers etc. for this years RaceRunners Camp & Cup, which is also CPISRA World RaceRunning Championships.


Again we come together to enjoy experiences with RaceRunning, friendship and cultural exchanges, and again this year we have a record high amount of participants with around 300 people, of which 94 is athletes from 13 different countries.


We are continuing our focus on developing the official demands to the event, so RaceRunning within the next few years can get a closer cooperation with the International Paralympic Committee of Athletics. But, we also aim to give new athletes and athletes from the lower RR-classes with the most severe disabilities, the same experience of competition as their RaceRunning friends.

Even though it is a CPISRA World Championship, there is room for everybody.


Her on the page we will continuously put relevant information about the event.


I hope you will have a wonderful and unforgettable week, that will strengthen and motivate you in your daily work with RaceRunning.


With sporting greetings,


Mansoor Siddiqi

Head of Camp


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RaceRunning Camp & Cup 2020 - DK

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